It’s a platform designed to facilitate the access to solutions, within a wide range of jobs for our customers. It’s also designed for independent chambeadores, or those who want an extra income through our app where our priority is to provide speed and quality for both ends.

We currently have services within CDMX and the State of Mexico, allowing clients and chambeadores to find an option nearby their house or workplace.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you can do it through the App, where you can propose new dates for your service, but remember that if you cancel with a short time in advance (client or chambeador) your qualifications will be negatively affected for future services.

*This test will be available from one hour before your service until the moment it is found outside your door, where you can ask the chambeador to identify himself at any time.

The payment will be directly between the client and the chambeador, since Chamba Services is not an employer. Our goal is to make the connection securely, if you requested a service through the selection of a profile and you decide to move forward, you must formalize the employment relationship directly with your Chambeador immediately, you can do it through the chat within the same application, without having to give a cell phone number and the chambeador will be able to freely negotiate with the client the conditions in which provides the services.

The video call can be used when the client authorizes it. This feature is designed for the chambeador to have a better understanding of the service they will provide and give a more accurate quotation, saving up time on both ends.

We carry out a previous investigation of official documents, residential address, diplomas and certificates, letters of recommendation, and the most important thing is that they can NOT upload a photo saved, but only taken at the moment, which will give us the security of knowing that it is the same person who is registering, and not someone who is uploading documents from a third party.

At the end of the service, both the Chambeador and the client may be qualified, this means say that if one of them accumulates several negative scores or several negative comments, they will be given platform, this is with the commitment to maintain a safe and efficient application for the rest of the users.